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Three Tips for Planning an Investment Crowdfunding Campaign

This course provides three tips from an experienced investment crowdfunder that will increase the likelihood of success of your investment crowdfunding campaign and help you avoid mistakes that could jeopardize your business.


How to Get Media Attention for Your Nonprofit or Social Venture

There is no one whose job it is to make sure your business or nonprofit receives the attention it deserves. In fact, your success depends on getting attention more than attention depends on getting success. This course will teach you how.


Respect in Today's Workplace - Living It Successfully!

You will discover how to build a safe and inclusive workplace culture; gain three tips to avoid being seen as "creepy" with your colleagues; and discover how to express love, respect and appreciation at work.


3 Tips for Raising More Funds from Your Network

When people think about fundraising, they often think about reaching out to strangers. But it’s one of the reasons that campaigns fail to reach their goals. The majority of crowdfunding backers will be friends, family and your community.