School for Changemakers


Attract The Best Talent To Your Nonprofit or Social Enterprise

There is no “easy button” for top talent attraction. Anyone who attempts to sell you that there is an easy way to recruit probably should not be trusted. This mini-course teaches the participants how to successfully onboard and retain top talent.


Become an Impact Investor

Learn how you can do good for the world while you do well with your money.


How to Follow Your Passion

You will often hear people say, "follow your passion," but won't often hear actionable advice on how to do it. This course provides practical, actionable advice on how to follow your passion and become all you hope to be.


How to Publish a Book Absolutely for Free

Learn in one hour how to not only publish your book but get it read, too!


Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

If you don't have a strategy for your nonprofit's social media efforts, you're just having fun with photos.


Social Media for Rotary Clubs